Welcome to Lab Brothers LLC

Lab Brothers LLC is a company based in Atlanta GA that is focused on developing innovation in wearable technology, IoT and other products that require unique solutions for specific problems that exist in people's lives. We are launching our latest product on Kickstarter in March 2017 called the TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove. Please check us out there and support our campaign.

Introducing the TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove

Do you ride a motorcycle? Are you tired of having to stop to look at a map or ask for directions? Have you tried using the GPS on your phone, yet still get lost because there is no good way to look at it? Don’t worry, TurnPoint is exactly the solution you have been looking for. TurnPoint takes a GPS map app on your phone and extends its usefulness by displaying turn-by-turn directions where you can easily see them, on your riding glove. From now on, only get lost when you want to.

TurnPoint uses a Bluetooth LE device that is custom fitted to a purpose made motorcycle glove to display turns and distances from a GPS map app on your phone. This device uses super bright LEDs to notify you at the right time about distance to turns, when you are at turns and which direction to ride. This is a simple and intuitive way of seeing at a glance where to go without any modifications to your motorcycle. Having this battery powered device mounted on the back of a glove, you can see the LEDs without distracting you from watching the road. This glove has fingertip controls allowing the rider to interact with TurnPoint, while never removing your hands from the handlebars. By touching your thumb and index finger together, you can check the distance to the next turn and which direction to go. There is no need to look at the phone or fiddle with anything on the bike, keeping you safer.

The TurnPoint Bluetooth Device

The TurnPoint device is built with a rechargeable battery that last approximately 8 hours of riding. TurnPoint has 18 super bright LEDs that show even in brightest of sunlight. TurnPoint easily makes a connection to your iPhone using the latest Bluetooth LE hardware for maximum power savings and displays LED animated patterns for turn-by-turn directions. A sequence will be displayed first to notify the rider that it will show a navigation point. Then the distance to that turn is represented by a scale in half mile increments from 0 to 4+ miles. Finally TurnPoint will show which direction to turn or go straight. In addition to the navigation patterns, there are patterns to indicate Bluetooth connecting, battery life, and power on. This device mates with a dock in the glove to become fully integrated with the fingertip controls.

The Glove

The glove is a custom designed, allowing it to mate with the TurnPoint Bluetooth device in a specially designed integrated dock. This technology allows for you to buy additional gloves in the future that will work with the same TurnPoint Bluetooth device. The glove incorporates the latest technology in conductive thread, allowing your finger tips to work as switches without the feel of wires. When your thumb and pointer finger touch, an LED sequence will appear on the TurnPoint Bluetooth device--indicating the distance and direction to the next turn. This allows you to actively check for the next turn and takes the guesswork out of the navigation. We also plan to have the other fingers also be switches for other functions like displaying a compass, showing battery life, and even skipping to next song. 

The package includes the Left glove, as shown, to mate with the TurnPoint Bluetooth device and a Right matching glove that is a standard glove without electronics.

The App

The app is what connects the GPS turn by turn directions to the TurnPoint Bluetooth Device. Before your ride, you will choose your destination and route. It will show you on the map an overview of where you will be going. In another tab on the bottom you can check each turn and even see the pattern for that turn that will display on the TurnPoint device. This will help you learn what to expect while you are riding. On the Device tab, It shows the bluetooth connection strength to the TurnPoint device and let's you test the turns patterns on the TurnPoint device. There is also the ability to customize settings so you can tune aspects of the sequences that best fit you.

We are constantly improving the app and trying to make it the best it can be. Beta testers will help us make this even better. We need your help!

Initially this app is built for iOS. With additional funding we could also build an Android version. 

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